Generate VoiceOvers from text!

With our easy to use editor, use a Youtube video or your own to mark the times when the voiceover should happen. Time the duration of each text block. Merge with the video and get it ready to publish !. Supporting up to 15 voices and 13 languages, the ultimate tool to make semi-automatics voiceovers for your videos!

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How To Use The Editor

This tutorial video voiceover has been made with Text2VoiceOver editor :)

Make voiceover for Youtube or any video

You have this awesome video and need a to add voice to it? This is your place. Using the Google Chrome technology we can generate voiceovers from text in 15 different voices and 13 languages!

We concatenate and merge the voiceovers with the video!

We take care of everything ! just sit and relax in the meantime we do all the hard work. We will deliver a link to download a zip file with this content: Premium Processing

  • Individual VoiceOvers: One .mp3 file for each text block defined.
  • Single File VoiceOver: Unique .mp3 file that has all the voiceover concatenated and with silence between the empty space at the start and end time of each one of them.
  • Original Video: The original video provided (if is from Youtube, we will download it)
  • Video merged with VoiceOver: Original video merged with the voiceover. We preserve the original sound of the video and add the voiceover on top of it.
  • Individual VoiceOvers: One .mp3 file for each text block defined.

Free and premium processing

We offer free processing in a public queue to generate the voiceovers or you can pay as low as $2.99 for a premium processing, and get all this features:

Individual VoiceOversYESYES
Up to 20 min. videosNOYES
Single File VoiceOverNOYES
Priority ProcessingNOYES
Merge VoiceOver with videoNOYES
Reliable timespan of when the voiceover is doneNOYES

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