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Text2VoiceOver let users generate voice overs in more than 15 differents voices and supporting 13 different languages.
It generates not only the voiceover for every piece of text, it also concatenate them in one unique mp3 file and merge it with the youtube or local video provided by the user.

How does this work?

This tutorial video voiceover has been made with Text2VoiceOver editor :)

We use Google speech syntesis in the browser for the editor to generate all the voices, and the same technology with our custom setup in private (dedicated only for premium orders) and public servers (for free sessions) to generate the mp3 files based on it
That's why this site only works on google chrome, desktop version.

So when you generate a voiceover session, it goes to the public / free queue to be generated. The next page will tell you how much time it will take to generate the voiceover, based in the amount of text
and your place in the queue. There too, you will have the option to upgrade to premium if you want to.

The time calculated to process the task is not final if the session is not premium. As premium orders are put at the top of the queue, this time can be greatly increased depending more premium orders we get. Consider purchasing premium processing to get a reliable timespan

Is it free?

Yes! it's free to use, with limited functions and we have a paid premium processing with extra features for $2.99 usd per voiceover session. Here is what free and premium processing includes:

Transparent pricing

VoiceOvers Only


Individual .mp3 files for each chunk of text

Start NOW!


$3 USD

Per each project, you get:

  • Individual VoiceOvers
  • Up to 20 min. videos
  • Single File VoiceOver
  • Priority Processing
  • Merge VoiceOver with video
  • Reliable timespan of when the voiceover is done

Start NOW!

Don't you think is unfair for free users to wait till all premium orders are done to get our voiceover's?

Yes! but unfortunately, this requires of server power (we are running 3 servers right now) to make all the operations needed, and that cost money. If we get more premium orders, we can upgrade the servers and we can make not only premium orders faster, but also free sessions faster too :)
Worst case scenario, you will need to wait more than expected, but the free session will get done at some point and you will get your voiceovers for free :)

How i can pay for the premium processing? What payments methods are available?

We use Paymentwall to offer a wide variety of payments methods, including paypal, most of the e-wallets available, cash and credit cards.

I had a problem at the editor or the final generated voiceover

Please contact us at info[at]text2voiceover.com and provide us with the link to the voiceover task (where you can download the zip file) and the email you entered to be notified. We will answer you ASAP!

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